Welcome to United Arab Emirates

For a great many people, the United Arab Emirates implies only one spot: Dubai, the science fiction esque city of famous high rises, palm-formed islands, city-sized shopping centres, indoor ski slants and palatial seashore resorts. In any case, past the sparkle anticipates an assorted mosaic of six additional emirates, each with its own character and charm.


Oil-rich Abu Dhabi, the UAE’s capital, is situating itself as a culture and relaxation centre point. Past weavers huge Al Dhafra locale, home toward the northern ranges of the Rub Al Khali (Empty Quarter) desert’s undulating ridges. Its mystical quietness is interfered with exclusively by the murmur of moving sands moving towards Saudi Arabia.


North of Dubai, Sharjah is the UAE’s speciality and legacy focus while Ras Al Khaimah is about the seashore – with a scramble of experience exercises tossed in. Head east into the rough grasp of the Hajar Mountains to encounter a side of the UAE far eliminated from Dubai’s sparkle.

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