Sea Freight Cargo Servius's

Sea Cargo to the Middle East.

We ship to all ports in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates.

We can take ship either a full container or part container / LCL basis.

If you want your goods to be transported by sea, Al-Arabia Cargo offers you the services of transporting goods to all types of water transport (river, maritime, oceanic).

Sea transport

Sea transport is the most suitable and economical for the transportation of large quantities of goods and freight cargo.

Depending on the requirements of the client, the destination, and the specifics of the goods, Al-Arabia Cargo organizes the water transport of goods as a direct or combined transport of goods (in combination with road and air transport).

Professional Transport Service

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We cooperate with shipping agencies all over the world and thanks to our developed network of partners, we offer our customers virtually unlimited cargo space, fast and professional transport service to all destinations.

The sea transport service is organized according to the door-to-door principle.
Our team and our associates will organize the goods loading, as well as its landing at the destination, from where it will be delivered to the recipient’s address.

Bulk Cargo

Hover cardIn addition to conventional cargo, Al-Arabia Cargo has licenses and permits necessary for the transport of bulk cargo, special cargo, such as freight cargo, and dangerous goods.

For our clients we organize:

  • Transportation of full container loads (FCL)
  • Container Transportation (LCL)

Remote Destinations

Group transport is recommended to clients who need to transport small quantities of goods to/from remote destinations. This transport means that your goods are transported in a container with the goods of other customers, so you do not have to take out the entire container that you do not need and there is not a minimum of goods that can be transported.

In addition to water transport, we also perform all the following services in the aftermath:

  • Making wooden boxes, securing containers and preparing special packages for the additional protection of your goods
  • Packaging and preparation of goods for the conditions of water transport
  • Transportation to the nearest embarkation port and transport from the unloading port to the desired destination
  • Loading/unloading goods
  • Preparation of necessary permits and documentation
  • Carrying out a customs procedure and all forwarding operations
  • Tracking shipments during transport
  • Notifying the client about goods during transport and the time of maturity of goods

We also provide our customers with storage of goods before or after water transport. Al-Arabia Cargo offers you warehouse goods in one of its warehouses. We specialize in the storage of specific goods requiring special handling and regular inspections.

Also, we can organize storage in any place in the world, thanks to the network of our associates.
We offer our customers the ability to monitor the transport of their shipments in real-time by means of GPS at any time.

Good Quality Of Service

smallFor the safety of goods during water transportation and the quality of service, when signing a contract with Al-Arabia Cargo, you also get a guarantee that the work will be done in accordance with the agreement and you will receive compensation in the event of damage.

At your request, goods in transport can be additionally insured, with companies we have signed contracts with.

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