Al Arabia Cargo Courier Service

Al Arabia Cargo Courier

Al-Arabia Cargo is experienced and professionally organizes road transport of goods from and to all world destinations.

We have a large number of our own vehicles for the transport of goods of different dimensions and we cooperate with carriers around the world, so we are able to organize transport of goods by road to any destination in the shortest possible time.

Efficiency And Superior Quality

Efficiency and superior quality of service are exactly what makes Al-Arabia Cargo a leader in road freight transport.

In accordance with the needs of clients, road transport of goods can be organized as a direct transport, or in order to reduce costs and save our customers’ time, as a combined transport (in combination with air or water transport) or as collective transport.

Al-Arabia Cargo, along with road freight services, offers professional unloading and loading of all types of goods, regardless of the size.

International Transport

The state-of-the-art equipment, special vehicles and trained personnel guarantee that we can fulfil all the requirements of our clients, regardless of the type of goods we transport and whether it is goods transportation in international transport.

Our vehicles have CMR insurance and ADR certificates, so in addition to road transport by refrigerators, transport of special cargo of large volume and bulk cargo, we offer transport of dangerous goods.

In addition to the road transport service, we will carry out all the following activities as soon as possible:

  • Packing
  • Loading Unloading
  • Obtaining all types of licenses and documentation necessary for international transport
  • Carrying out customs procedures
  • Forwarding
  • Distribution

The Company Specializes

In addition to customs warehouses, Al-Arabia Cargo also has lots of modern warehouse space where customers can store goods before or after transportation. The company specializes in the storage of goods requiring special treatment and regular inspections.
In addition to standard equipment, each vehicle has satellite tracking equipment, and at any moment we are able to provide you with information about where the vehicle is located or to allow you to track your shipment yourself in real-time via GPS.

In addition to the guarantee that Al-Arabia Cargo provides when signing the contract, we also offer additional insurance.

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