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Al-Arabia Cargo has been engaged in air transport of goods for many years and has concluded contracts with well-known airlines under special conditions, so it offers special benefits to its customers.

Taking into account that our customers need a fast way of transportation, we perform air transport services to all destinations, and the take-over and deliver goods in the shortest possible time.

Air transport of goods by Al-Arabia Cargo is organized as a direct or combined transport.
If the place of the takeover of goods is not the city in which the airport is located, we offer the possibility of multimodal transport (loading at the agreed address, transport to
airport, unloading, and handing over your goods to a warehouse at the airport).

We operate the air transport service on a door-to-door basis, which means that, if necessary, we take the goods at the agreed address, we transport to the airport,
we take it at the destination and we deliver it to an agreed address anywhere in the world.

Within the framework of the airline service, Al-Arabia Cargo, upon the request of the client, takes responsibility for all the following activities:

  • Documentation preparation
  • Carrying out all forwarding activities related to export/import customs clearance of goods
  • Organizing charter flights and express shipments
  • Tracking the shipment
  • Notifying the client of the arrival and delivery time

Whether you need to store your goods before or after transportation, Al-Arabia Cargo offers you a storage service in over {how much?} m2 of modern equipped warehouse space, and in case you need to store goods abroad, cooperation has been established with reliable companies around the world that guarantee the equal quality of storage.

For the safety of shipments for which we take responsibility during air transport, we give you a guarantee of the company, and we can additionally provide the goods with the insurance companies with which we have signed contracts.

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Al Arabia Cargo  is a full-service import and export air freight forwarder and logistics partner offering reliable and innovative commercial air freight shipping and brokerage services. We offer customized import and export air freight solutions to deliver your goods to or from nearly any destination worldwide.

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